beep beep beep
School’s starting up again next week

So these two new songs might be the last ones for a while.  We’ll see, of course, but enjoy em while you can!  Got one cover and one original for you this time.

Battle Beeps is OVER

Well, the LLCompo has drawn to a close.  It’s been a hell of a ride.  If anybody actually reads this, I wanna give thanks to everyone who participated with me, and especially to Tilde and KFaraday, who ran the whole damn thing.  The compo has been a great chance to practice music and hear a lot of new stuff, for all of us.  But all good things must end.  It’s been a solid year, and for me it’s been 30 tracks.  All made in under 2 hours (sometimes way under)!  To celebrate, I’ve lowered the price of Battle Beeps, which is now complete, to $0 for a while.  You can pay if you like, but if you’ve been waiting to pick it up for free, now’s your chance.  Call it a little experiment of mine.

I hope anyone who sees this enjoys listening to the music as much as I enjoyed making it.  As a special treat, I participated a little bit with some of the Searworks crew in the making of a remix of MaxVDub’s “Fanfare”, and they generously allowed me to feature it as my 30th track.  Enjoy!

2 new tracks today
Again, new track
I made a new track

and felt like posting it here, too, just in case anybody actually reads this.  Here you go!

It was made in FLStudio.

painting and music

there was a painter once named Marc Chagall.  we learned about him today in art appreciation class, and it kinda made me realize something.  see, his art wasn’t so much about “periods” like picasso or a lot of other artists, closing off one thing when you move to the next and always trying to do something leaps and bounds ahead of yourself.  he played with the same concepts his entire career, and came to intimately understand some key things about color and composition.  and he kept playing with them, going back to old themes and images and doing them better and better.

it got me to thinking that maybe the whole “waves” thing i’ve been doing with my music thus far is misguided.  maybe i’m enforcing an artificial structure on something that i should just be having fun with and re-exploring.  there’s no creativity law that says you have to always be evolving; let’s face it, that sort of standard is unsustainable right from the get-go.  i’d wanted to be done with the whole beep boop buddhism thing, with the whole way i’ve been making music.  this was mainly to fit in with this ideal of creativity i’d had.  but to do that is to close myself off from the entire base of my experiences thus far.  it’s unrealistic.  maybe the “third wave” should just be the ocean.  maybe i can make music the way Chagall painted.

what kinda music do i even do

i like to cover stuff, that’s fun.  i like to make battle tracks, those are cool.  i also like noise and experimental stuff, glitch, ambient, such as venetian snares and aphex twin.  i dig found noises, like amon tobin did.  i also like classical and modern classical music, particularly bach, beethoven, liszt, shostakovich, cage, and ives.  i like 40s swing, 50s blues, 60s doom metal, 70s prog jazz, 80s power metal, and 2000s death metal and dubstep (just the sounds of that last thing, the composition is uniformly pretty terrible).  put all that stuff on a venn diagram with chiptunes, and the circles don’t even come close to touching.

so what kinda music do i even do?

my performance in the LLcompos has been bad lately if you take the votes i’ve been getting as any indication.  not holding out much hope for success in the famicompo mini 9, as the stream’s representation of my track was all fucked up and 8bitdanooct1 vocally disliked it.  is it because i’m actually sucking, or is it just the side-effects of my stuff becoming less accessible in general?  do i care?  well, to that last thing, not so much with all the shit i have to do for school, haha.  i think i’ll keep on doing what i do…. if i could figure out what i do, lol

the namco chip

i’ve been working on a new album using the namco 163 chip in famitracker.  it’s a really handy chip.  being able to use up to 6 additional custom waveforms aside from what’s on the 2a03 is pretty awesome.  but i’ve had serious pains in my butt from having to chart notes by sound only, because whatever comes out of the namco channels isn’t the note that’s charted.  it’s something like a fifth off.


I don’t think I’m going to buy Camtasia, but having a 30-day trial version has produced a strange thing: I’ve been on fire as far as making new tracks.  It’s probably cause I know I won’t be able to record the tracker interface for my Youtube videos after the trial runs out.  Motivation due to finitude (fuck you, spellcheck, that’s a word, as is “spellcheck”).

Anyway, it’s not like it really matters how on fire I am.  If I dropped off the face of the internet tomorrow, a) nobody would notice, and b) I’d still be making music.  Because it’s fun, and I like the sound of chiptunes. I’m not sure what it is, but I remain completely anonymous.  Is it the saturation of artists on the internet?  The niche quality of chiptunes, much less proggy ones?  Most of my fans belonging to a closed community?  The short attention span of your average internet user?

As soon as the Facebook ads ended, traffic ceased to be almost entirely on every site I’ve set up to get the word out about my music.  It was never that high in the first place, and most of the plays on bandcamp are people listening to less than 10% of the song before going off to do something else.  I made a grand total of 21 bucks from music, which is pretty cool I guess, that it’s more than zero.  But it’s apparent from the complete lack of … well, anything going on, on here, on youtube, on facebook, on bandcamp, whatever.  Nobody knows I exist, and this is all pretty pointless.  So, I’m not going to quit composing, but I am going to stop devoting so much time to getting word out to people who have to have their faces shoved into something to see it, and pull away as soon as you stop making them pay attention, and never really “got it” in the first place.  What I’m saying here is fuck the internet.


It’s a bit strange, maybe, but the only things that hold my interest long term are those activities that provide exactly the right kind of rewarding challenge.  I still re-read Finnegans Wake every so often, sure.  I still play Nethack (the best game ever made imo).  But the really satisfying activities… I meditate, practice Chinese martial arts, and Japanese sword techniques.  I’ve gone through so many other activities, whether it’s different types of video games (and there have been a LOT of those), new movies or books that come out, composing music, singing, playing musical instruments, but these are a constellation of time-wasters around a central core of like, 3 or 4 things that I do regularly.  Even then, when’s the last time I beat Nethack or read Joyce, if I’m really being honest?  Not lately.  It comes down to meditation and martial arts.  Nothing else compares to knowing your own body and mind so thoroughly, and then using them for … well, using them.

I’m pretty keenly conscious of the limited amount of time we have to be alive.  I’m willing to amuse myself with this or that diversion for a while, and I rotate through them pretty quickly, for sure.  But, as much as I like to do those other things in short bursts, I can’t help but feel that when I sit in front of a computer or a television and turn on a video game or boot up the internet, I’m going to waste my time pretty much guaranteed.  Sometimes I feel like the best possible life would be just being allowed to sit in meditation for hours at a time, practice martial arts when I’ve got some time, and that’s it.  Maybe have conversation occasionally.  But the problem with diversions is that they’re diverting!  Haha, it’s hard to let go of that stuff sometimes.

Not that I wanna sound like I’m shitting all over diversions.  Everything you can do is one, when you get right down to it, and you’ve gotta do something.  Anyway, there’s no better medicine for existential malaise than going to the gym and just beating the Christ out of the heavy bag for like a half hour.  Try it!  Just don’t whale on it as hard as you can your first time out and then break your hand and come crying to me.  Go easy on it until you toughen up.